Zoom The Aaron Double Row Bracelet
Zoom The Aaron Double Row Bracelet

The Aaron Double Row Bracelet

$ 39.00
- 8mm Onyx
- 8mm Hematite
- Size: 7.25" (shown here)
- Macramé dangle closure
- Genuine beads
* Options: size 7.25" or 7.75" *
MATERIAL: Sturdy black adjustable cord.  These are genuine beads.

Emotional Healing Powers of Onyx. Mental Healing Gemstone: It heals the mental level of the person and enhances the self-healing of the wearer so that he may maintain his deep feelings and passions. This stone reduces the stress and the bad thoughts.
Hematite is able to heal and regenerate those forces within our organism which are related to blood circulation, and skin rejuvenation. As already mentioned, it helps with anemia and bleeding.

For long-lasting wear for years to come, we suggest not to wear this in the ocean, shower, or in the pool due to the harsh chemicals.
A perfect style for men or women.

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