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Unique handmade designs


48 products

    Dive into our Ring collection, offering a striking array of bold statement rings, elegant druzy and agate styles, versatile cuff rings, and adjustable designs. Find the perfect ring to express your unique style and make a statement.

    48 products

    One-of-a-kind pieces

    Not made to order or mass-produced, each piece is unique and no two are the same.

    Best quality plating

    Free of cadmium, lead, and other heavy metals, using 18k gold in a layer of 10 thousandths or silver in a layer of 30 thousandths, ensuring excellent durability and great finish. This entire process guarantees a product of high quality and durability. The process that is used to create these beautiful pieces is called Galvanoplasty.

    Assortment of mixed metal material

    Brass metal with 10-micron plating of gold or silver. Some of our rings are copper or stainless steel and noted in the description.

    Unique and authentic

    A fuse of bohemian feel with classic and chic design elements, Fabulina Designs strives to create unique elevated handmade jewelry.