Unique and Authentic. Affordable and Fabulous.

In 2008, Charline Shelby embraced the heartfelt encouragement of friends and family, embarking on a transformative journey from a jewelry hobbyist to the visionary entrepreneur behind Fabulina Designs. With unwavering passion, Charline has steered her creations into more than 175 boutiques across four countries, a testament to the genuine artistry infused into every piece.

Drawing inspiration from global influences, Charline weaves her personal artistic narrative into each design, using only the finest materials to create jewelry that is not just an accessory but a heartfelt expression of individuality. Fabulina Designs radiates a bohemian charm seamlessly blended with classic and chic elements, resulting in styles that transcend fashion trends, enhancing the wearer's wardrobe with timeless allure.

At the heart of Fabulina Designs is a commitment to offering unique, elevated jewelry at an accessible price point, allowing everyone to indulge in the luxury of self-expression. Beyond fashion, Charline envisions her creations as pieces of art, be it in the form of jewelry or home decor, each item serving as a canvas for wearers to paint their unique stories. Because at Fabulina Designs, we believe that when you look and feel fabulous, authenticity effortlessly shines through, inspiring you to be your best self.