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Elevate your style with our collection of handmade jewelry, hats and boho-chic clothing and one-of-a-kind, hand-poured resin home decor pieces, each a testament to the craftsmanship that defines our brand.

Come on a journey of self-expression with our curated selections, where every piece tells a story and every detail redefines the boundaries of creativity.

Rings that transcend

Our captivating ring collection, a masterpiece of one-of-a-kind pieces that artfully transcend the ordinary.

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Handmade with love

Each piece is meticulously handmade, infused with passion and creativity, resulting in unique treasures that radiate individuality. My commitment to the art of handmade jewelry is a celebration of the joy I find in the process, and I invite you to discover the magic that comes with wearing a piece created with love and dedication.


Charline brings the most authentic and unique pieces I have ever seen. I have bought many necklaces from her and it doesn't matter how old they are they still look fabulous.

Cindy Bryan

Met Charline at the ATL Jazz Festival & so glad I did! The quality of the jewelry is amazing! The prices are great and she has so many different styles that I have not seen before.

Stephanie Olivio-Schulte

Learned about Fabulina Designs at a local art festival, which is apropos because these are pieces of art. Beautiful jewelry that is unique, high-quality and shockingly affordable, so you can buy multiple and elevate any look.

Amber Davis

CODE jewelry for men is definitely a favorite for me. Their men's bracelets always spark a conversation when out. I also bought a necklace for my wife from Fabulina. She is ready to marry me again. Great service and love the packaging.

David Espinoza

Fabulina Designs creates unique statement pieces. Every time I wear a piece from Fabulina Designs I get soooooo many compliments. Everyone wants to know where they can go to be Fabulous!!!!

Ayanna Kennedy

The ONLY place I buy unique, handmade, one of a kind, energy filled crystals, stones and minerals. Wearable art, is what I call it. And I feel FABULOUS in my FABULINA DESIGNS ❤️


Holiday Essentials

Embrace the holiday spirit with our handmade resin pieces – the perfect gift or festive home adornment! Each piece is a unique celebration, infusing joy and magic into your space. Whether you're gifting or decorating, our one-of-a-kind designs promise to make every moment special.

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