About The Artist

Unique and Authentic. Affordable and Fabulous.

In 2008, Charline Shelby finally heeded the urges of friends and family to shift from jewelry hobbyist to entrepreneur and created Fabulina Designs. Since its inception, Fabulina Designs has been carried in more than 175 boutiques in four countries and has been featured in numerous publications.

Charline's designs have global influences while being infused with her personal artistic passion and created with quality materials. Her designer jewelry fuses a bohemian feel with classic and chic design elements, resulting in stunning styles that are versatile enough to enhance any wardrobe.

Fabulina Designs strives to create unique elevated jewelry available at an affordable price point. The line embodies the refinement of the boardroom while pushing the limits of style and creativity allowing the wearer to allow each piece to serve as an expression of his or her personality.

The goal of Fabulina Designs is to provide pieces of art in the form of jewelry, and home decor that help to express the wearer’s individuality. When you look and feel fabulous, it's even easier to be your best authentic self.

Be Fabulous. Be Fabulina.

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