The Kira Amethyst Stalactite Cuff Ring Collection

The Kira Amethyst Stalactite Cuff Ring Collection

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- Amethyst stalactite stone
- Cuff setting
All rings are adjustable, and can fit any size finger
- All rings are one-of-a-kind

- On the edges of the stalactite there are points of crystal.  This is not broken, but the way these stones are cut for their unique look.

*  The metal is brass, the plating is a 10-micron gold or silver plating that is used in our bracelets and rings.

Amethyst can open your eyes during times of blind pessimism or optimism. It eases indecisiveness and allows you to think clearly without having any emotions clouding your judgment. It allows you to analyze your emotions and feel their true weight and worth to then act on them properly.

To have the same look as the model pair this ring with the Naomi Pyrite collection.

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Stones mined from all around the world.

•JASPER: Stress relief, comfort
•AMETHYST: Inner peace, protection
•RAW QUARTZ: Protection, health, inner healing
•ROSE QUARTZ: Love, fertility, harmony
•AMAZONITE: Courage, inner strength
•AGATE: Grounding, balance, protection
•CITRINE: Wealth, prosperity, confidence
•LAPIS: Clarity, focus
•HOWLITE: Calming, anxiety relief

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