Zoom The Jack Helix Bracelet
Zoom The Jack Helix Bracelet

The Jack Helix Bracelet

$ 69.00
- 8mm White Turquoise
- Size: 7" (shown here)
- Silver accents
- Macramé dangle closure
- Genuine beads
* Options: size 7" 7.25" or 7.75"*
MATERIAL: Sturdy black adjustable cord.  These are genuine beads.
White turquoise is said to help promote a general sense of well-being. It can be useful for channeling new energy into the body. This stone can also help with promoting a sense of emotional peace, easing the effects of depression and panic. 
For long-lasting wear for years to come, we suggest not to wear this in the ocean, shower, or in the pool due to the harsh chemicals.
A perfect style for men or women.

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