Zoom The Athena Multi Stone Cuff Bracelet
Zoom The Athena Multi Stone Cuff Bracelet

The Athena Multi Stone Cuff Bracelet

$ 98.00

- Prehnite, Pyrite, Serpentine 
- Tri-metal incorporating brass, copper and stainless steel
 - All metals are lead and nickel free
- Width of cuff: 1.25"
- Adjustable
- One of a kind
*All our cuffs are made for wrist size 7 and can gently be pressed to fit varied wrist size easily. Can be polished with a soft cloth and never have a dull shine.

You can pair this bracelet with rings from the simple ring collection.

Prehnite is one of the very few stones in the mineral kingdom that links our heart directly to our solar plexus chakra. That means that one’s heart space is now directly attached to one’s own personal will. Our personal will is responsible for pushing us forward to take action each day. It's the driving force behind each one of us as we move forward in chasing our goals and desires. By having one's heart directly in touch with their personal will, our purest dreams become a priority. Instead of leading each day with our distracted and confused minds, Prehnite helps us lead with our hearts. Our heart knows what we truly want to do in this world, and how to find happiness. Simply letting your most vital organ lead you along this journey of life will help you better understand both yourself and what you truly want in this world.

Pyrite is all about protection. It’s a stone that wants to shield and protect its wearer in every way possible. Whether keeping you safe from emotional vamps or protecting you from psychic attacks, cutting through negative vibrations, clearing EMF smog or simply stopping those toxic thought patterns from running through your head, Pyrite is ever eager to keep you pure. When we are able to free ourselves of those toxic ties, we find that life loses its facets and we are able to see straight through to the truth and live in sweet authenticity. 

Serpentine alleviates mood changes and is soothing in events of sensitivity and anxiety. It preserves you from conflicting energy forces.

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